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Envío de Carga Contenedores


Get to know our specialized lines, we offer you comprehensive and personalized solutions to your needs.

Importación y exportación de mercancías


  • Pharmaceutical sector
    At Andean Customs Agency we have extensive experience in national and international logistics, providing our best service to large companies that market, manufacture or transform medicines and medical equipment. With more than 20 years we have accompanied their growth to both multinational, regional and local companies.


  • Moving
    Andean customs agency level 1. Knows and understands the importance of International Moving for our clients, so we accompany the logistics process making it a pleasant experience "We develop this line of business as a life story."


  • Export of fruits and vegetables
    Andean Customs Agency, we are export specialists for the productive sector, since we identify the enormous growth potential in the international market. And we have the proper management to maintain the required cold chain along with the quality standards that allow the merchandise to reach its destination in optimal conditions.


  • Our branch in Ipiales
    Andean customs agency level 1. It has the Ipiales branch as a strategic point in the Colombian Customs, we are aware of the important connection of foreign trade and the economy of the department of Nariño and the commercial relationship between Colombia and Ecuador, for us the location Strategic is very important since we achieve accompaniment to our clients by providing solutions for processes and customs issues with greater effectiveness.

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