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Andean Customs Agency

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Andean Customs Agency SAS Level 1 was founded in 1976 with the aim of providing accompaniment and support in customs matters to the logistics chain in Colombia.

Since then, we have been making the country for more than 40 years under a legal, ethical and professional framework, framed within a policy of quality and service supported by a highly qualified team that allows us to develop the growth of the organization.



Colombian company founded in 1976, established since its inception as AGENCY ANDINOS DE ADUANA LTDA, which has extensive experience in the foreign trade sector, being duly authorized by the DIAN and strictly adhering to current customs regulations.


However, in 2018 the company went from ANDEAN CUSTOMS AGENCY LTDA LEVEL 1, to ANDEAN CUSTOMS AGENCY SAS LEVEL 1, a name that remains to this day. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in the market, we have branches strategically located throughout the Colombian territory, united by passion for foreign trade, with a large group of human talent that works tirelessly for the continuous growth of our clients and business partners. , always looking for excellence.


For the year 2009, when the Directorate of National Taxes - DIAN, modifies the customs statute, in order to create customs agencies by level; the organization sees the opportunity to be more competitive and chooses to be approved as a Level 1 Customs Agency, meeting the requirements of the authority for this level; This is how the company changed its name from: ANDINOSS.IA LTDA to AGENCY OF ADUANAS ANDINOS LTDA LEVEL 1.


In 1996, taking into account the opportunity of the market and the change in customs legislation, it changed its reason, becoming ANDINOS SIA LTDA, thus obtaining authorization from the Colombian customs authority.

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